If you play poker regularly, and understand the game as it is, you probably know it is. Misunderstandings between people who have no direct experience Youve probably heard many of these wrong. If you are like me, uninformed people a long time to explain exactly what the game is and what is not. For the benefit of all, this article will clear up some common misconceptions.

Conversely, if you never play poker, and his experience in the game is what you read in newspapers and see in the movies, you probably have a lot of misunderstandings. This is expected. Please let me enlighten you on some points.

1 Poker is not random. Many people think that the game soft as a social pastime, where friends sit around drinking, laughing and shouting him. In fact, there is nothing pleasant about poker. You can get to warm at the table (and should), but the game itself is harmful. Interpreted correctly, is a form of warfare. It is an aggressive battle for supremacy. I think of poker as violence without violence..

2 A poker face is the most important condition to play. I can not tell you how many times Ive heard this idea I believe. Almost every time I mention poker to someone whose only exposure to the media game, I heard some lame comments like, Oh, you need to have a good poker face. No, thats a straight face, a look of steel in his eyes, not the essence of a crack Thu is true that you do not mean to send his opponent, but the call poker face is widely misunderstood. The ability to create a poker face does not make you a good player. Consider: if you play on the internet, everyone has a poker face.

3 winning poker is not easy. Blame television for it. They often see the winners on television. Those that get the most exposure and are presented. The final table in a tournament, for example, is entirely of players who are winners together. Very little attention to those who lose pay, there is nothing to say about the vast majority. Tournaments bust without fanfare Although the game is a lot of study, discipline and practice. Successor of the game is far from automatic.

4 Women can play. The idea that poker is a game exclusively for men is another lie. Years ago, many well-known authors wrote that women do not have the instinct murderer to play well. Time has proven that theory wrong. Today, women compete at all levels, and many qualified women earn cash games and tournaments. The idea that poker is a game of a man is ridiculous these days, and I do not include among the misconceptions were not for the fact that many people believe that.

5 Poker is a math game. In blackjack, for example, there is always a better train at any time. Your task is to determine what moves. If you have 13 and the dealer has an Ace, then you should take. This is still true, no matter who sits at the table and what they do. Poker is different. You need to consider other players, and mathematically best hand you did not know. The best caliber players often discuss what is the best train in a particular situation. Poker can not be reduced to mathematics, because there are too many human factors.

6 Poker is not gambling. This is perhaps the most common mistake, and its completely wrong. Possibility of media. Over time, all players receive the same percentage of good hands and bad hands. The difference is that players do with their hands. A good player is to maximize the amount earned with good hands and minimize the amount lost the wrong hands. The key element that separates winners from losers, over time, unless they are treated, but the decisions of the cards. Stu Unger, champion of the World Series of Poker three times, put it:.. In the maps, luck always balances the good players Any player card game is a game of luck thinking victory, Ill show you a fool would say winners losers always have to worry about the short term.. We are playing for the long term. .

7 Cheating is not endemic. The prevalence of fraud is another false impression that they have many. In games of private scenes that sometimes occurs scam. But in modern casino poker rooms and high-level tournaments, where most professionals today to play, fraud is virtually nonexistent. (Online, however, is another story., Trick play is possible through the Internet, by the nature of the technology.) While fraud is technically possible, in certain situations, and this happens, it is by far The factor that many people take. When you play poker, for fear of being confused, exaggerated.

8 Poker is not addictive. No matter what the media would have you believe, play the vast majority of poker players because they like the game, not because they are somehow addictive. Sure, a small percentage of players fight against drug abuse, but they are people with an addictive personality, if they play poker. We should not blame poker compulsive behavior on someone else than we should sex for someone to be a rapist guilt.

9 Poker is not fat. There is nothing even remotely belly of the game. Many good and honest people play for a variety of reasons, such as fun, challenge and personal growth. Poker highlights the best of human interaction and includes the most honorable of human qualities such as courage, sound thinking and self-control. The game is a wonderful way to build character.

10a Poker is not illegal. Most people with a functioning brain do not really believe, but the moral evil forces believed that the game is against the law. No. Poker is not related to the crime in any way. It is controlled by the Mafia. It is not dangerous. You do not have to be in search of gangsters. Or shootings. No, you do not have to carry a gun and shoot your way to the casino to protect your loot. Youve seen too many movies.

These are some misconceptions by many in the audience. Please, if you can meet people with these ideas, put them straight. But his mind, not his fault that those who have been misconceptions on this topic in the media today. It belongs to us to separate the intelligent members of the community of poker players the truth about the beautiful game of poker.