Taking advantage of online poker promotions is no doubt a fantastic way to earn free money. After all, internet poker sites often run various leaderboard races, give out cash bonuses and feature deposit bonuses to keep loyal players around. But there’s just one problem with all of this: it’s hard to keep track of good promotions around the poker world. Moreover, there are a lot of different sites to keep track of. Seeing as how it’s tough to check all promos for online poker consistently, let’s explain what you can do to make the process easier.

Visit an Affiliate Site

If there’s already an internet poker room that has your undying loyalty, then you probably don’t need to worry much about checking promos for other sites. Instead, you can just visit the site that you like to play at and look in their promotions section. But other players want to take advantage of the best offers available across the board, so they need to know what’s going on at other poker rooms.

To do this, you could visit each site individually and check out their promotions section every month. But you can probably already see the problem with doing so because it’s time consuming. This being the case, we suggest that you visit affiliate websites to see what’s happening in the industry.

The reason why is because affiliates push a variety of online poker rooms and it’s in their best interests to fill players in on the latest happenings. So in an effort to get players to sign up at certain poker sites, these affiliates often list the best promos from each month (the frequency can vary).

What Type of Promotions will you find?

Affiliates are big on letting players know about freeroll tournaments. That’s because freerolls are a great way to convince newer players to join poker rooms. Assuming you were to visit PokerStop.com, for example, you’d find plenty of information on freerolls and what you need to do to get into them.

Leaderboard races are another common offer that affiliates will tout. And this is nice because some races can deliver prize pools of $10,000 or more to the most frequent players. You’ll also see online tournament series advertised quite often too. With some online poker series offering a collective $1 million prize pool or more, you definitely don’t want to miss out on these!

Whatever you’re looking for, just make sure to visit affiliate sites because these are usually the best places to find a collection of different promotions in one place.

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