If you had told me two years will regularly play poker and is now even make money with it, I would have laughed at him and left. There was nothing for me the poker cards, and online gaming? No way!.

That is until something opened my eyes and realized that poker is not a game at all, this is a game of strategy, psychology and a little luck, but if you have the first two aspects to be a great player and dominated earn money.

It was in 2002 when poker was as television and decided by the networks who are interested in this game and Im glad I did. I have read some books of the professionals seen tournament play, cash games, and even online, and slowly started playing until I build my bankroll to play can win large sums of money and me. But I do not know where, in the first place and where is best to start the session, so Im here to help you a little when you dive into planning poker game start Here are some tips how to choose a poker room.

1) Poker Rooms Internet search for reviews of the different poker rooms. The idea here is also the test itself is that most sites cover a particular poker room is known and trusted (as reviewed as many dishes). This means it is a known poker room and appears on many other websites and reviews, so you can register.

2) Poker promotions find poker rooms that have different poker promotions. That is, they have great promotions this update from time to time with interesting bonuses or features players means that these spaces are creative and have money to share with you.

3) Know your bankroll This should be the first point, I suppose, because it is the most important. Always on the amount of money you can afford to lose the game. This means that if you lose and nothing happens that is safe and secure. It may take some time to build your bankroll at the beginning, but better safe than sorry. I started slowly and it took a while, but now I play for money do not be so greedy be smart. Play small amount at first and build to finance its slow and steady. Search rooms to allow participation of small rooms, some offer $ 0.01 / $ 0.02 and do not underestimate these quantities, I speak from experience, for they will later.

These are just a few important tips for beginners. For more tips and instructions to play poker and win money wisely, read our article.