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Posted in January 10th, 2014
by admin

A normal middle class person also want to enjoy the poker game but due to the high amount of price and high risk involved he can’t play this game but yes play online poker understand this things and to attract the middle class family various promotions are there in the poker on timely basis in which they ask the people to come and play in the poker for free and win a good amount of money. Few basic games in which most of poker keeps the betting free or almost very minimum charges are applicable for the players to play the game.

In today’s time, the gamblers can play poker online and find all the games which they can only play in the land based poker which is quite difficult to find anywhere else but online poker is proving a large options to play poker by sitting at home, office, public places and etc. People with the help of online poker is not bound to play Texas Holdem poker from one place now they can play freely and as per upon their own convenience.

You can play texas holdem with one of the finest poker casino online.

Taking advantage of online poker promotions is no doubt a fantastic way to earn free money. After all, internet poker sites often run various leaderboard races, give out cash bonuses and feature deposit bonuses to keep loyal players around. But there’s just one problem with all of this: it’s hard to keep track of good promotions around the poker world. Moreover, there are a lot of different sites to keep track of. Seeing as how it’s tough to check all promos for online poker consistently, let’s explain what you can do to make the process easier.

Visit an Affiliate Site

If there’s already an internet poker room that has your undying loyalty, then you probably don’t need to worry much about checking promos for other sites. Instead, you can just visit the site that you like to play at and look in their promotions section. But other players want to take advantage of the best offers available across the board, so they need to know what’s going on at other poker rooms.

To do this, you could visit each site individually and check out their promotions section every month. But you can probably already see the problem with doing so because it’s time consuming. This being the case, we suggest that you visit affiliate websites to see what’s happening in the industry.

The reason why is because affiliates push a variety of online poker rooms and it’s in their best interests to fill players in on the latest happenings. So in an effort to get players to sign up at certain poker sites, these affiliates often list the best promos from each month (the frequency can vary).

What Type of Promotions will you find?

Affiliates are big on letting players know about freeroll tournaments. That’s because freerolls are a great way to convince newer players to join poker rooms. Assuming you were to visit, for example, you’d find plenty of information on freerolls and what you need to do to get into them.

Leaderboard races are another common offer that affiliates will tout. And this is nice because some races can deliver prize pools of $10,000 or more to the most frequent players. You’ll also see online tournament series advertised quite often too. With some online poker series offering a collective $1 million prize pool or more, you definitely don’t want to miss out on these!

Whatever you’re looking for, just make sure to visit affiliate sites because these are usually the best places to find a collection of different promotions in one place.

Posted in July 24th, 2014
by admin

Wins and losses on the felt are always going to be the biggest determining factor in how successful a poker player is. But on the other hand, many players get a huge boost from the promotions and rewards programs offered by online poker sites. So it definitely pays to take advantage of the best promos that you can find in the poker world. But how can you do this and check all promos for online poker? Well an excellent place to start is by visiting, where you’ll find loads of information on the latest promotions. Let’s further discuss this topic and cover what PokerStop has to offer.

PokerStop features the Latest News on Promos

There are two different ways that you can go about finding the latest offers at internet poker sites:

1) Go to every site individually
2) Visit PokerStop, where they do all of the work for you

One doesn’t need to think very hard about which of these prospects is better. You can save a lot of time by visiting the “Promotions” section at Once here, you’ll be able to choose the desired poker room and see all of their latest offerings. Everything is featured in an orderly manner with links provided to each promo.

They deliver Exclusive Bonuses

Looking for that special signup bonus to immediately boost your poker bankroll? Then navigate to the “Poker Bonuses” section of this site, where you’ll find exclusive signup bonuses for all of the major poker rooms. There’s plenty to choose from here, but just for an example, consider the Party Poker bonus. When you sign up and deposit at Party through PokerStop, you not only get a 100% up to $500 match bonus, but also an exclusive $25 FREE.

PokerStop has Lots of Reviews

In order to find the top online poker sites, you should definitely read reviews. And a great source for these reviews is PokerStop because they have dozens of reviews that are geared on one thing: delivering you the best possible information so that you can make an informed decision. Clicking on their reviews will yield plenty of info on each site’s software, signup bonus, promotions, poker tournaments, customer support and special offers.

Also keep in mind that PokerStop has a wide variety of other services, including poker news, articles and freerolls. To sum everything up, this site can be your all-encompassing guide to the online poker world.

Posted in July 24th, 2014
by admin

When it comes to online poker promotions, we can all generally agree that these are good for players. After all, promos deliver free cash and bonuses to those who take part. Moreover, they give you a better shot at winning long-term poker profits. For this reason, we advise that you check all promos for online poker at the site where you play. And when looking at the promotions, you might want to really consider the following ones because we think they offer players the best chance to earn free cash.

1. Reload/Signup Bonuses

Most poker players are aware of signup bonuses, where one makes their first deposit at a poker site and has an opportunity to earn extra money afterward. For example, under a 100% up to $500 signup bonus, you’d have a chance to earn as much as $500 in extra cash. But your deposit bonus opportunities don’t have to end here, though, because you can also pick up reload bonuses when they’re offered. These are simply deposit bonuses that poker sites offer to those who’ve already went after their original deposit bonus.

2. Online Tournament Series

While there are big tournaments every week in the online poker world, you can especially count on some huge prize pools during tournament series. A tourney series will feature a set amount of events, each with a guaranteed prize pool. At some of the bigger online poker sites, you’ll be able to play in tourneys with prize pools worth $1 million or more! The end result is that you get to take chances at life-changing scores that aren’t normally available otherwise.

3. Freerolls

If you need to build your poker bankroll, why not try to do it for free! Famed pro Annette Obrestad started out by playing freerolls and she never had to make an online poker deposit in her life. Now, we’re not saying that everybody has to earn their entire bankroll through freerolls, but the fact remains that these tournaments are an excellent way to supplement your winnings. Finding freerolls is easy because you simply need to visit the lobby of the internet poker room you play at and then look to see what’s available.

Do note that what we’ve discussed here in regard to online poker promos only covers a fraction of what’s out there. Other offers include leaderboard races, prize package satellites, cashback and more.

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